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A number of Registration and Travel Grants are available to support noticiably the participation of scientists to this event.

Please check the Applications section of the website for the mandatory documents.

FEBS Youth Travel Funds Awards

The selection of applicants to receive FEBS YTF awards will be carried out by the course organizers, and approved by the FEBS Treasury Office according to the FEBS YTF eligibility criteria.
These grants will be 500 EUR per person, covering of the registration fee (350 € - including accommodation and meals) and supporting travel costs (up to 150 €).

Eligibility criteria:

They can be checked at FEBS YTF eligibility criteria website.

HyThaBio 2020 and COST grants

A number of additional grants will be allowed by the organizing committee.

Eligibility Criteria:

The HyThaBio 2020/COST grant criteria are not restrictive and will be based on the workshop selection criteria, see the Applications section.

Notification of outcome:

Applicants selected for a grant by the course organizers will be notified by November 15th.
FEBS YTF applicants will receive a FEBS Treasury YTF form, to be returned to the FEBS Treasury for approval approximately 8 weeks before the event's start date.

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